Philippine Association of Medical Technologists - USA, Inc.

2022-2024 PAMET-USA, Inc. Executive Officers


Rowena B. Pablico, CLS

Central California Chapter

Vee Trinidad


Southern California Chapter

Gina Sicat

1st Vice President

Northern California Chapter

Yvonne Agatep-Cortez

2nd Vice President

Indiana Chapter

Jim Sedayao

3rd Vice President

Michigan Chapter

J Deism Alabe

Recording Secretary

Southern California Chapter

Jonathan Roque

Corresponding Secretary

San Diego Chapter

Pat Padua-Rivas


Central California Chapter

Remedios Solis

Assistant Treasurer

Northern California Chapter

Angelito Mercado


Nevada Chapter

Mario Casupanan

Business Manager

Central California Chapter

Apollo Olaes IV

Public Relations Officer

Central California Chapter

Lydia Coleman

Board of Director

Nevada Chapter

Dollie Jacosalem

Board of Director

Michigan Chapter

Cielo Ricafrente

Board of Director

Northern California Chapter

Vicky Umayam

Board of Director

Georgia Chapter

Roger Lariosa

Board of Director

San Diego Chapter


Budget & Finance                                      Chair: Pat Padua Rivas

Constitution & By-Laws                         Chair: Roger Lariosa

Education, Scholarship &  Research    Chair: Gina Sicat

Legislative                                                     Co-Chairs: Dollie Jacosalem & Elma Bidkorpeh

Membership                                                 Region 1 & 3:        Jim Sedayao

                                                                         Region 2:                Yvonne Cortez

                                                                         Region 4:                 Gina Sicat

Public Relations                                         Chair: Apollo Olaes IV                                                                

Ways and Means                                         Chair: Mario Casupanan

Special Committees                                    

         Awards:                                              Chair: Yvonne Cortez                                                          

         Discipline & Ethics                        Chair: Mario Casupanan

         Job Placement                                 Chair: Jim Sedayao

         Nomination & Election               Chair: Lydia Coleman

Liaison to the Philippines                     Ms. Eleanor Garcia