Philippine Association of Medical Technologists - USA, Inc.

PRESIDENT's Chronicle #1 - August 2016

PAMET USA, Inc. 15th Biennial National Convention

On behalf of the Organizing Committee chaired by Outgoing President Art Trinidad, I thank you all for your active participation in our 15thBiennial National Convention held at Palace Station Hotel and Casino last August 4 – 7, 2016.  It was fun having you all at the convention. Congratulations to the following:

            Presidential Awardees: Let Negado of San Diego Chapter
                                                         Virgie Gambon-Quintin of NV Chapter
            Most Outstanding Member: Rex Famitangco of NE Chapter
            Most Outstanding Chapter: Northern California
            Best Chapter Booth: Texas
            Best Chapter Presentation: Southern California
            Best Mad Hatters: Laura Delgado of Texas and Tony Ricafort of IN

Congratulations as well to all the chapters who actively participated in the Booth Contest and in the Talent Show.  It was with the joyful participation of everybody that we had a very memorable land convention after three consecutive biennial national cruise conventions!

All the lectures presented on August 5-6, 2016 were interesting and informative and my sincere thanks  to the following:

      1. Dean Maria Teresa Rodriguez, RMT, MAEd, MSMT
                   “Serum Level of Cystatin C Among Diabetics:  An Early Marker of Renal Dysfunction”

      2. Felicisimo (Ricky) Martinez, Jr., RMT, BB(ASCP)SBB
                  “Perspective of a  US-Based Laboratory Practitioner’s Retirement in the Philippines”

      3. Juanito (Jojo) Naval, MT(AMT), MA Christian Education
                  “Risk Manangement in the Clinical Laboratory”

      4. Ethel Urbi, MT(ASCP)SH, DLM(ASCP), MPA
                  “Hematology:  A Case Study”

      5. Michael Simpson, MS, MT(ASCP)
                  “Zika Virus:  Past, Present, and Future”

      6. Elizabeth Dequinia, CLS, MBA, HCM
                  “Privacy  Act Legal Cases:  Criminal Prosecutions and Convictions”

      7. Rex Famitangco, MS, MLS(ASCP)CMQLCCM, MT(AMT)
                    ASCP Beyond the BOC”

      8. Romel Canapi, MT(AMT)
                  “Hiring Foreign Nationals and USCIS Immigration Law Requirements”

All the convention committees performed exceptionally well under the following  committee chairs:

       1. Lydia Coleman – Registration
      2. Earlyn Yuzon – Reception
      3. Virgie Quintin – Finance
      4. Vee Trinidad – Ways and Means
      5. Rex Famitangco –Scientific Committee
      6. Romy Guideng – Physical and Technical Arrangement
      7. Nelly Almoina – Organizing Co-Chair
      8. Myrna de Jesus – Awards
      9. Renato Abad – Documentation
    10. Aida Ramos – COMELEC

The election and counting of ballots in the morning of August 6th was orderly and the following won:

            President-Elect: Rex Famitangco, NE
            1st VP : Dan Dominguez, NorCal
            2nd VP : Evangeline Robles, NY
            3rd VP : Lavinia Mateo, MI
            Recording Sec : Marian Castillo, NorCal
            Corresponding Sec: Lydia Coleman, NV
            Treasurer : Virgie Gambon-Quintin, NV
            Asst. Treas. : Yvonne Marionette Cortez, IN
            Business Mgr. : Jun Nepacena, NorCal
            P.R.O. : Joseph Cabugon, ND
            Board of Directors:
                                         :Caren Daligdig, NY
                                         :Ethel Urbi, IN
                                         :Romel Canapi, ND
                                         :Severino Ibarra, NorCal
                                         :Gabriel Argamosa, NE

It was heartwarming to see new faces in the line-up of candidates.  Hopefully, they will also be given a chance to serve in the Executive Board in the near future especially now that we are looking  into the development of  young leaders to take over the helm of our association soon.

For the term 2016 – 2018, the following were assigned to the different committees:

A. Standing Committees
1. Membership Committee:
            a. Region I =West including Hawaii (CA, NV, Oregon, WA)
                   :Chair, Dan Dominguez, 1st VP
                   :Members, All Chapter Presidents in Region I
            b. Region II =Midwest (Chicago, Michigan)
                   : Chair, Lavinia Mateo, 3rd VP
                   :Members, All Chapter presidents in Region II
            c. Region III =NY, NJ, RI, Virginia, Maryland
                   :Chair, Vangie Robles, 2nd VP
                   :Members, All Chapter Presidents in Region III

2. Constitution and By-Laws
                   :Chair, Ethel Urbi
                   :Members, Jun Napacena, Roger Lariosa, Nile Alconcel, Evelyn Ramirez, Yvonne Cortez, Let Negado
                   :Adviser, Aida Maguigad

3. Education, Scholarship, and Research
                   :Chair, Rex Famitangco
                   :Members, Gabby Argamosa and Rommel Canapi
                   :Adviser, Letty Acosta

4. Budget and Finance
                   :Chair, Virgie Quintin
                   :Members, Yvonne Cortez, Caren Daligdig
                   :Advisers, Art Trinidad and Evelyn Ramirez
5. Legislation
                   :Chair, Dan Dominguez
                   :Members, All Chapter presidents, Rino Ibarra, Christian Pablico, Charity Avena, Rodgie Rumbaua
                   :Adviser, Liz Dequinia 

6. Ways and Means
                   :Chair, Marian Castillo
                   :Members: Vee Trinidad, Vashti Rivera, Agnes Barba, Earlyn Yuzon
                   :Adviser, Mila Braganza

7. Public Relations
                   :Chair, Joseph Cabugon
                   :Members, Vangie Robles, Walter Bayubay
                   :Adviser, Esther Madamba

B. Special Committees
1. Nomination and Election
                   :Chair, Nile Alconcel
                   :Members, Aida Ramos, Ester Marcos
                   :Adviser, Ricky Martinez

2. Discipline
                   :Chair, Jun Nepacena
                   :Members, Rino Ibarra, Marvin Hernandez
                   :Adviser, Rody Sumilang

3. Special Liaison to PAMET Philippines
                   :Chair, Eleanor Garcia
                   :Members, Vee Trinidad, Tony Ricafort
                   :Adviser, Ricky Martinez 

4. Awards
                   :Chair, Lydia Coleman
                   :Members, Myrna de Jesus, Nelly Almoina
                   :Adviser, Shirley Cruzada

It is understood that Committee Chairs can add additional members as they deem fit for their respective committees.  The updated list should be emailed to Marian Castillo, Recording Secretary.

Host for the 16th Executive Board meeting in August 2017:

                  =PAMET –Michigan Chapter
                  =Venue and EBM details to be announced by Nile Alconcel soon

To recap, it was a successful convention with 85 full registrants from 11 PAMET USA Chapters and PAMET Philippines!

*End of Chronicle #1*