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PRESIDENT's Chronicle #2 - September 2016

2016 ASCP Annual Meeting and CMS Nursing Degree Equivalency

The 2016 ASCP Annual Meeting was held at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV on September 14- 16, 2016.  I was able to attend the meeting for free as the special guest of Rex Famitangco, PAMET USA President-Elect and the Outgoing Chair of the ASCP Council of Laboratory Professionals.

During the meeting, the following  two sessions  were devoted on the current issue of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) policy  which states that  a bachelor’s degree in nursing is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences for purposes of performing laboratory testing:

      1. “Views and Voices from the Lab:  Nurses Performing Laboratory Tests” 

          Presented by the Council of Laboratory Professionals

      2. “Fear and Loathing in Washington:  How Changes in Health Care Policy will Affect You”

          Hosted by the ASCP Fellow Council

          Gregory Sossaman, MD, FASCP

          James Wisecarver, MD, PhD, FASCP

          Rex Famitangco, MS, MLS(ASCP)CM

The issue was well-discussed and we were told that ASCP BOC, ASCP, and ASCLS are going to meet with CMS on September 27th to discuss and present proof why a nursing degree is not equivalent to a CLS / biological sciences degree in terms of capability to perform laboratory tests on patients.  Result of this meeting will be included in my October 2016 Chronicle.

PAMET USA 1st Webinar on Oct 29th

In view of the importance and timeliness of the issue on Nursing Degree Equivalency,  Rex and I have decided that he  will be the  1st PAMET USA webinar speaker on October 29th, Saturday so that  he can present the updates regarding the Nursing equivalency issue as well as discuss other issues that impact our profession.  He will soon come up with the mechanics of the webinar and we encourage you all to join us in that one-hour webinar which offers a P.A.C.E.®-approved 1 CEU!

2016 ASCP Vacancy Survey

Rex and I have been included in the 2016 ASCP Vacancy Survey Review Committee.Rex represented ASCP and I represented PAMET USA! We participated in reviewing the survey questions before the survey will be deployed online in the later part of October 2016. We hope that those who are in a position to hire lab personnel will participate actively in this survey.  This is one way for us to advocate for our profession! 

Reactivation of Dormant / Establishment  of New Chapters

With regards to reactivation of chapters, we have been busy on the reactivation of Florida Chapter with the active participation of Mila Braganza who was the PAMET USA President at the time that Florida Chapter was founded. Also actively involved are 2nd VP Vangie Robles and Marvin Hernandez, NY Chapter in-coming president who personally knows Alan Calaor, the CLS from Florida who is interested in reactivating  Florida Chapter.  Alan talked with the past officers of Florida Chapter as well as with his colleagues and they have now a scheduled reorganizational meeting on October 15th!  More updates on this in my October 2016 report!  We are also looking into the establishment of a Virginia Chapter with the help of Marvin and Julie Hernandez and Vangie Robles.

Aida Maguigad, Past PAMET USA President also introduced me to Cynthia Soriano of Maryland with the hope of establishing a Maryland Chapter as well.  Exciting things are really coming up!

*End of Chronicle #2*