Philippine Association of Medical Technologists - USA, Inc.

Minutes of the 16th Biennial Executive Board Meeting held at GreekTown Hotel and Casino, Detroit, Michigan on August 12, 2017

Meeting Started at 8:00 AM

• Northern California:Marian Castillo, Arlene Cocjin, Jela Ibarra, Rino Ibarra, Liz Dequinia, Mila Braganza, Jun Nepacena, Dan Dominguez, Eloisa Dominguez, Maxi Edora,
• Southern California: Christian Pablico, Rowena Pablico, Ofelia Corpuz, Art Trinidad, Vee Trinidad, Pat Rivas, Alden Rivas
• Sacramento: Maricel Tenedera, Delmarie Cister, Charity Avena
• Indiana: Marionette Cortez
• Nebraska: Rex Famitangco, Fergielynd Andres
• New York: Caren Daligdig, Marvin Hernandez, Julie Hernandez
• Nevada: Shirley Cruzada, Nelly Almoina, EarlynYuzon
• North Dakota: Joseph Cabugon, Jenny Cabugon
• Philippines: Ellen Garcia, Ronnie Puno, Ricky Martinez,  BernardEbuen
• Michigan: Nile Alconcel, Annie Villareal, Lavinia Mateo, Hermie Bigornia
• Texas: Ninfa Alcantara, Ester Marcos, Glenda Bautista
• Midwest: Aida Maguidad, Carmen Gonciarz, Luvis Geronimo, JolinaJurado, 

I. Call to Order Shirley Cruzada
II. Invocation Lavinia Mateo
III. Welcome Address Nile Alconcel
IV. Roll call Marian Castillo – Quorum was established
V. Adoption of the Agenda Shirley Cruzada – approved and seconded
VI. Reading of the minutes of the 15th Biennial National convention Marian Castillo
• Some people were not on the attendees list. The list of attendees was taken from the sign-in sheet. People who did not sign in were not included. Marian Castillo reminded everyone to sign the sign-in sheet provided.
• Attendees to be added to the list of  last BNC: Charity Avena, Eleanor Garcia, Ricky Martinez, Aida Maguidad., Eloisa Dominguez
• There was a question on today’s quorum – 12 chapters were represented so a quorum was established for today’s meeting.
VII. Approval of Minutes – Approved and seconded
VIII. Business Arising from the Minutes
A. Treasurer’s Report – Virgie Quintin not available but endorsed her report to Asst. Treasurer Yvonne Agatep who did the reporting. 
     =See separate reports. Scan reports at end of the minutes.
     =Yvonne reminded chapters to pay their membership fees. 
     =Paid chapters are Indiana, Nevada, New York, Northern Cal, Southern Cal and North  Dakota.
     =Unpaid dues: Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Midwest, Nebraska, 
New Jersey, Sacramento, San Diego, Texas, Virginia and Washington. 
1. Constitution and Bylaws  =Chairperson EthelUrbi is not available. Yvonne  MarrionetteAgatep reporting.
a. Need to amend the duties of the officers to include duties of the Auditor.
             The Auditorwill:
• Execute a fair and timely review of the association’s financial records to ensure the association’s solvency.
• Inform the Executive Board of any irregularities observed after a thorough investigation.
• Submit written report to the Executive Board no later than March 1st of the year.
**The language/verbiage  will be presented during the 2018  16th National Biennial Convention.

b. Amendments introduced and approved on August 31, 2013 EBM in Chicago will be re-introduced at the 2018  16thBiennial National Convention for legal approval as stated in the constitution that all amendments should be approved during the convention. 
• Article V, Section 1, Meetings, Number  l, Letter B
• Article V, Section 1, meetings, Number ll, Letter C & D.
• By-laws, Article Vll, Section 1

c. Administrative Manual:  (Approved )Added the following protocols:
• Annual audit process
• Discretionary Fund for the National President
• Donation to promote the Medical Laboratory Profession
• Formation of a New Chapter
• Responsibilities of the Host chapter of the Executive Board Meeting
• Printed copies of Administrative Manual for approval by the Executive Board..
• Administrative Manual can be improved and amended every year.

 Proposed by RexFamitangco :
By-laws – Article 1 “Dues and Ethical Standards” and 
Article ll “Duties and Powers” to be moved to the Administrative Manual.   Will decide during the 2018 National Convention.  Approved by Executive Board.
 Bernard Ebuen (Phil)  – For annual dues; a generic statement should suffice.

 President Cruzada commended Art Trinidad (Southern CA) . Immediate Past National President  for  initiating  the production of the Administrative Manual during his presidency which is now officially approved.

2. Membership Reports:  See separate reports from each Committee Members
Region 1 –Dan Dominguez, 1st Vice President
• Tried to call contact in Hawaii but unsuccessful
• Boston, Massachusetts – interested at this time
• Virginia – no progress
• Seattle, Washington – a work in progress 
• Florida –pending per President Cruzada

Region 2 – Lavinia Mateo, 3rdVice President
• Ohio – pending
Region 3 –  Evangeline Robles,  2nd Vice President – Marvin Hernandez reporting
• Formation of Albany chapter  - Will try to convince Albany to join New York to be more effective
• Reactivation of Florida Chapter  onOctober 25, 2016.  
Current President  -Allan Calaor,Recipent of “Crisanto
Almario Award” in PAMET Philippines in  2003. 
• FL Chapter divided into 3 areas: Northern, Central and Southern. South Florida officers will be serving aschapter officers for 2 years. 
 President Cruzada acknowledged Marvin in initiating the talks with AllanCalaor.  Seed money for reactivation has not been  sent yet pending submission of Allan’s mailing address to Treasurer Virgie  Quintin.

See separate Reports:

3. Education, Scholarship and Research – Rex Famitangco
4. Budget and Finance – already provided by Yvonne
5. Legislation – Dan Dominguez
6. Ways and Means  - Marian Castillo – will sell raffle tickets, Souvenir Journal, t-shirts, bags, etc. for the convention..
7. Public Relations  - Joseph Cabugon

C. SPECIAL COMMITTEE REPORTS: - See separate reports
1.  Nomination and Election - Nile Alconcel–  Rules and Guidelines
a. All regular members of PAMET- USA Inc in good standing as defined by the local chapter are qualified to run for office in any position
b. All nominees should be registered delegates of the convention. Only full registrants are qualified to run.
c. All nominees should be present at the convention to run for office
d. A completed nomination form should be emailed to the designated chairman and co-chairman of Nominations and Elections with both signatures of nominee and nominator appropriately dated.
e. Because we will be accepting nominations solely through email, it is understood that electronic signatures on the nomination forms are binding and are reflective of the nominee’s acceptance of the nomination.
f. Upon receipt of the nomination form, the chairman of Nominations and Elections shall reply by emailing back to the nominee.  This complete process shall constitute the official  nomination process.
g. The opening dates of the nomination shall be announced by the President on her communiqué prior to the convention. Deadline of submission of  Nomination shall be 2 months prior to the opening day of ythe convention. Nominations that are emailed thereafter shall be null and void.

  2. Discipline -Jun Nepacena – No issues at this time

3. Awards -Nellie Almoina reporting for Lydia Coleman – See separate report. See criteria  on separate report.
a. Outstanding Member of the Year(PAMET USA will handle)
b. Outstanding  Chapter of the Year(PAMET USA will handle)
c. Presidential Awardee/s –(PAMET USA President will handle)
 Per Shirley:  Other awards will be explored like these two new awards which were proposed and approved:
 Aida Maguidad  DistinguishedService Award – See selection criteria 
 Liz DequiniaLeadership Award – See selection criteria
Note: Special awards plaques will be donated  by the person the award is named  after. Selection will be very strict.
Per Ricky Martinez: PAMET Philippines can donate the plaques if no one is available to donate the plaques.

 4. Liaison to the Philippines -Ellen Garcia  - see separate report

D. CHAPTER ACTIVITY REPORTS – See separate  reports
Northern California Jun Nepacena
Sacramento Jun Morante, report presented by Charity Avena
San Diego Roger Mark Lariosa
So. California Christian Pablico
Indiana Easter Claire Don,  report presented by Yvonne
Michigan Lavinia Mateo
Midwest (Illinois) Cora Sopena – Aida Maguidad  reporting
Nebraska FergielyndAndrers
Nevada Nelly Almoina
New York Marvin Hernandez
North Dakota RomelCanapi
Texas Marilyn Opina

IX. New Business:
1. Joint PAMET-USA and PASMETH ScholarshipFund –  Shirley Cruzada

 PAMET-USA established a Scholarship Fund  withCEM (Center for Educational Measurement ) in the Philippines during the national presidency of Letty Acosta, Northern CA. 
 Pres. Cruzada presented the plan to terminate the scholarship agreement and withdraw whatever amount is still in there.
 The plan was approved by the Executive Board. 
 Pres. Cruzada will prepare a board resolution requesting for a termination of the agreement  and all board members will sign the form. 
 Any amount collected will be added to the PAMET-USA &PASMETH Internship Scholarship Fund. (See slides separately)

2. Bayanihan and Job Placement Programs  proposed by Shirley Cruzada
 Voted in and approved by Executive Board. 
 These two programs  will be included in the Administrative Manual.
 TheBayanihan Program aims to provide hospitalization assistanceand/or burial expenses tobonafidePAMET members. 
-This will be a one-time contribution for each member.
-Suggested amount: - $200 – medical expenses; $300.00 for burial.
-Adviser Liz Dequinia volunteered to chair the Ad hoc Committee 
composed of PAMET-USA past national presidentsand will give progress
report of this Bayanihan Plan in 2018 BNC.
-Suggested funding:
• hold fundraising event during the Executive Board meeting. Will sell raffle tickets where proceeds will go to the Bayanihan fund.
• Increase PAMET USA membership from $5 to $10
• Solicit voluntary contributions 
• Aida Maguidad’s suggestion:  - “All Past PAMET USA Presidents to contribute to the seed money for the program. ($500.00 ea)

 The Job Placement Program aims to assist members seeking for a job in their state of residence or in other states where they wish to transfer.  
-This program  will gather job opening information from the different chapters
and will share them back with the  chapters. 
- It can give out useful information like what questions to anticipate  during
-Dan Dominguez, 1st VP was requested to chair this committee.

3. MembershipRecruitment  and Retention Improvement Plan  
 Rex Famitangco, President-Elect made a motion to adopt a “Membership and Retention Poster Project” in lieu of chapter booth for the next biennial convention.
 This is in support of President Cruzada’s membership and retention advocacy due to declining membership.  (See separate slides).
 Motion was approved.

 Host : PAMET NebraskaChapter
 Place: Colorado Springs
 Date: August 2 – 5, 2018
 Accommodation: Hotel Elegante Conference and Event Center
 Theme: Honoring the Past, Inspiring the Future
 CE Units – 14 CE units will be provided
 Zumba classes – Caren Daligdig of NY Chapter
See Powerpoint presentation.

1. Reappointment of Treasurer Virgie Quintin as PAMET-USA Resident Agent to the Franchise Tax Board was approved.
2. Suggestion by Adviser Ricky Martinez to adopt and include the PAMET-USA Hymn in the Constitution was approved.
3. What to pay the speakers: Reduced registration fee 

X!.Meeting  11:05AM

Prepared by:  Marian Castillo. NoCal Chapter
 Recording Secretary

Reviewed and approved by:  Shirley Cruzada


DATE: AUGUST 22, 2015



      ● Meeting was called to order @ 3:45 pm by Art Trinidad, President

      ● Invocation by Annie Villareal

      ● Roll was called by Vashti Rivera, recording secretary


      ➢ 12 from North Cal

      ➢ 9 from Southern Cal

      ➢ 7 from Las Vegas Nevada

      ➢ 1 from Illinois

      ➢ 2 from Indiana

      ➢ 4 from Michigan

      ➢ 8 from Nebraska

      ➢ 6 from New York

      ➢ 8 from North Dakota

      ➢ 4 from Texas

      ➢ 1 from Philippines

      ● Minutes was read from last 14th Biennial National Executive Meeting and there was

         correction made: Massachusetts was initially formed but it didn’t go through but is now in

         the process of forming a chapter.

      ● Was moved and seconded to accept the minutes as read.

      ● President Art Trinidad wanted to have a Parliamentarian way during a meeting or call a

         moderator to prevent any argument.

Treasurer’s Report by Virgie Gambon Quintin:

     ● New England Cruise Convention

          ○ Total Expenses outside the seed money                              $2,176.55

          ○ Total Expenses from seed money                                       $8,908.20

          ○ Total Expenses                                                             $11,084.75

          ○ Total Receipts                                                              $15,071.00

          ○ Net profit                                                                     $3,986.25

     ● Financial Report on Fund Raising Resources:

          A. Raffle Tickets

               1. Number of Tickets sold (1,130)                                      $6,287.00

               2. Printing Cost                                                               $ 420.00

               3. Winning Ticket Prizes                                                   $2,000.00

                       I. Gain                                                                 $3,867.00

          B. Souvenir T-shirts

               1. Cost of 100 pieces                                                       $1000.00

               2. Number sold                                                              $1,240.00

                        II. Gain                                                                $ 240.00

          C. Souvenir Journal

               1. Printing Cost                                                              $1,689.65

               2. Number of Ad Sold                                                       $5,380.00

                         III. Gain                                                              $3,690.35

                         IV. Total Gain of A,B,C                                            $7,867.35

      ● Financial Statement From Jan 1, 2015 to Aug. 15,2015

          ○ Beginning Balance on Jan 1, 2015                                          $15,282.74

          ○ Total Withdrawals and Debits                                                  $ 682.46

          ○ Total Deposits and Credits                                                     $1,501.80

          ○ Ending Balance of July 31, 2015                                             $15,761.80

      ● Comments on Treasurer’s report:

          ○ Texas paid for an AD and was not included in the Souvenir Program

          ○ Still needs receipts from the following:

                    ● Journal Printing

                    ● Hotel Room for the Speaker, Mr. Ebuen

                    ● Rody Sumilang’s $100 for print cartridge/prep work

          ○ Always provide receipt for everything.

          ○ Comment from Let Negado.

                    a) For fund raising ex. Souvenir program, Tshirt, raffle tickets There

                        should be accountability of everything of what was sold and what

                        was left. As a nonprofit organization, we are accountable for these

                        to the IRS.

          ○ A question was raised regarding the cost for the printing of the raffle tickets which

             was debited as $420.00 but on the next page of the report, it was reported as

             $500.00, what happened to the $80.00.

          ○ Resolution: It was moved that the treasurer will give a corrected report on the

             next meeting.

          ○ Recommendation that all reports should be audited before given to the treasurer.

          ○ Proposal for Auditor position.

                                            CHAPTER ACTIVITY REPORT


      ● A small gathering at Aida Maguigad’s residence on November 2014.

      ● On a monthly basis, volunteering of FACC (Filipino American Council of Greater

         Chicago), doing Cholesterol & Glucose Screening for the Seniors.


      ● Hold monthly board meetings

      ● Had 6 representatives at the PAMET- USA, INC 14th Biennial National Convention on a

         New England Cruise held on Sept 2027, 2014.


      ● Hold meetings on a monthly basis.

      ● Hold CE seminar 4X a year, a total of 24 hours of CE Credits a year. (Average around

         70-80 attendees every CE Seminar)

      ● Every year, support the American Cancer Society by participating with Relay for Life

         Fund Raising event.

      ● Review Class for 6/2015 8/8/15 every weekend. Chaired by Ms Vicky Tubig.

      ● Aim to increase the membership next year by actively recruiting CLS & soon to be to be


NEW JERSEY Submitted by Evelyn Las, President

      ● On Dec 6, 2014, we had Carolling which brought the joy of the Christmas season to the

         residents of Merry Heart Assisted Living Facility in Succasunna, NJ.

      ● Atlantic City Casino Trip & Outlet Shopping on May 16, 2016 & November 14, 2015.

      ● Dwindling membership due to retirement and difficulties in recruitment.

SACRAMENTO Submitted by Marietta Tenerife, President

      ● We have created and established two websites: One for National via Facebook, PAMETSacramento,

         and the other one for “members only”, PAMET- Sacramento Team.

      ● Our members has a steady growth rate of approximately 20% a year. This year we have

         close to 50-90 members.

      ● 5th Spring Seminar on May 2015 Our organization can stand side by side with CAMLT

         as far as providing quality and affordable continuing education seminar.

      ● June 2015 participated with the Sacramento Filipino Fiesta.

      ● Promoted the Medical Lab Technician Program, in support to a local Community School.

      ● This coming September, promote and strengthen networking among Med Tech,

         Phlebotomist and Lab Asst via a Summer Social gathering.

INDIANA Submitted by Ethel Urbi

      ● Spring seminar on June 6, 2015 and Fall Seminar on Oct 10, 2015.

      ● Philippine Consular Outreach on June 20, 2015 provided administrative support and

         nourishment to the Consular Representative.

      ● St.Vincent de Paul Pantry on July 18, 2015 volunteered and assisted the Community

         gathered groceries.

      ● Ongoing “Case Study Handbook” members are gathering educational/case study

         materials covering BB, Chem, Hema, and Microbiology (to develop handbook/DVD’s that

         would be shared at the PAMET-Phil Dev 2016 Meeting).

TEXAS Submitted by Marilyn V. de Gracia Opina, President

      ● Able to recruit more Med Tech as new members including renewal of old members.

      ● Monthly meeting every 2nd Saturday of the month to discuss important matters.

      ● Fundraiser for the trip to Executive Board Meeting in South Dakota to give the delegate

         a subsidy to help for the expenses.

      ● Election for new officers by September and the induction will follow.

      ● Join other organizations like FACOST in their activities like the Parol Contest, Medical

         Health Fair sponsored by the Lions Club. Join also the celebration of Santa Cruzan,

         Kalayaan Ball and Independence Day.

      ● Donated money to Nepal through FACOST.

      ● 2 continuing education on Oct. 3, 2015 and Dec 2015. 

NEW YORK Submitted by Violeta Miszkuly, Vice President

      ● Attended 2 Medical Missions in the Philippines in Feb 915, 2015. It includes Medical,

         Dental, and Optical in Samal, Bataan and Candelaria Quezon.

      ● Sponsor Scholarship in the Philippines with CEM.

      ● Joined the Philippine Independence parade in Manhattan on June 2015.

      ● Gave donation to the Foundation of Our Lady of Peace Mission.

      ● Celebrated our 30th Anniversary last No 9, 2014.

NEBRASKA Submitted by Gabriel Argamosa, President

      ● Participated in Community Events like the Free Kidney Disease Screenings conducted

         by the Nebraska Kidney Association.

      ● Provided service in the 9th Health Fairs in Bridgeport and Sydney, Nebraska on April, 2015.

      ● Collaborated, provided 5 speakers and hosted the 2015 NE Clinical Lab Spring Meeting

         with ASCLS NE, ASCP and CLMA.

      ● Applied or organized a proclamation signing by the Governor of Nebraska for 2014 and

         2015 Med Lab Professional Week.

      ● Awarded a PAMET NE Phlebotomy Scholarship to Mr.Christian Comaling and he just

         recently finished the Phlebotomy program.

      ● Participated and co-hosted the 2015 PAMET USA Executive Board Meeting.

SOUTHERN CAL Submitted by Vee Trinidad, President

      ● Holding review classes twice a year the Chapter had been holding review classes for

         the last 25 years and the quality has improved over the years by upgrading our review


      ● 20th Anniversary Celebration A very momentous event that everyone enjoyed which

         was attended by several nearby PAMET Chapters. CEO of ARC was the keynote speaker.

      ● Done Pechanga Casino trip twice as fundraising for the Chapter.

      ● Induction of new set of officers for the year 20152016 in July 12, 2015 at Westridge Golf

         Club. Prepared a group dance as a surprise number.

      ● Next project is Continuing Education.

SAN DIEGO Submitted by Let Negado

      ● Participated the Annual Fundraiser Walk, and attended the 25th Anniversary of Southern

         California and Northern California & also their Induction Party.


      ● Working on 1st Chapter Meeting there is difficulty in gathering CLS due to geographical


      ● Scheduled one Chapter Meeting this summer.

      ● Take advantage of social media to encourage young CLS to join our chapter.

MICHIGAN Reported by Ampy Gallardo

      ● Dec 2014 adopted 3 families, provided their wish list of basic needs (toys, clothes, food)

      ● Helped host for a cause. Collected coats and shirts.

      ● Awarded a scholarship for 2 High School Graduates for $500 each.


      ➢ Virginia and Connecticut haven’t paid since 2011.

      ➢ Georgia haven’t paid in 2013.

      ➢ New York haven’t paid in 2013 and 2015.

      ➢ Washington haven’t paid in 2011, 2012, and 2015.

      ➢ Florida due for 2014, and 2015.

      ➢ Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Northern Cal, Sacramento and Texas haven’t paid for 2015.

      ➢ Nebraska paid up to 2016.

      ➢ North Dakota paid for 2015.


      ➢ Region 1. Reported by Rex Famitangco

           ○ Starting to established PAMET-Montana.

           ○ Romel Canapi with the help of North and South Dakota Chapters establishing a

              chapter in Minnesota.

      ➢ Region 2. Reported by Vangie Robles

          ○ Follow up on Massachusetts and Florida.

      ➢ Region 3. Reported by Myrna de Jesus

          ○ Shirley Cruzada coordinates with Myrna de Jesus regarding 1New Mexico Chapter

COMMITTEE ON DISCIPLINE Reported by Rody Sumilang

      ➢ No case or incident has been referred to the committee.


By: Shirley Cruzada, Chairperson (From Aug 2014 July 2015):

      ● During the 14th Biennial National Convention on Sept 21 & 23, 2014. There were 6

         continuing seminars that were held.

      ● Dec 6, 2016, 2 CE by Texas Chapter.

      ● On Feb 14, 2015, 2 CE by Nevada Chapter.

      ● March 14 & 19, 2015, 2 by Nevada Chapter.

      ● On April 4, 2015, 4 CE by San Diego Chapter.

      ● June 3, 2015, 2 CE by Nevada Chapter.


CONSTITUTION AND BY LAWS - Reported by Let Negado

      ➢ Each proposed amendments were discussed individually and was voted upon as to

          correct wording and necessary amendment for ratification as provided in our Constitution

          & By Laws to be binding:

                                                    ARTICLE IV

                              OFFICERS, EXECUTIVE BOARD & ELECTIONS



12. Auditor (the elected Board of Director gathering the most votes during election serves

as the auditor)

                                                    ARTICLE V


SECTION 1 Meetings:


      A. Meetings:

          Special Association Meetings maybe called by the President, the Executive Board or by

          Petition signed by no fewer than one-tenth of the members.

      B. Notice of Meetings.

      C. Quorum for Association Meetings. A quorum for any association general membership

          Meetings, or special meetings shall consist of those eligible voting members who are

          present in person at the meeting.

      D. Voting requirements for Association Meetings. If the Executive Board determines that

          any matter should be voted on a meeting, a majority of the votes of eligible members

          voting in person at the meeting shall be necessary for the adoption of such matter.


      A. Meetings:

          The Executive Board meets at least once (1) a year. Special and emergency meetings of

          the Executive Board may be called by the President or upon written request by no fewer

          than one-tenth of the members.

      B. Notice of Meetings.

      C. A quorum for Executive Board Meeting. Executive Board Meeting and any Executive

          Board special meetings shall consist of 50% plus 1 of the elected officers of the

          Executive Board and 50% plus 1 of the active paying local Chapter Presidents

          (non-elected, as noted by the treasurer).

      D. Voting Requirements for Executive Board Meeting. If the Executive Board determines

          that any matter should be voted on a meeting, a majority of the votes of eligible

          members voting in person at the meeting shall be necessary for the adoption of such

          matter unless a greater proportion is required by law or by these By laws.

                                                      BY LAWS: ARTICLE II


      A. The President shall:

               9. File the Statement of Information to the California Secretary of State every two

                   Years or when changes occur in the association.

      B. The First Vice-President shall:

               3. Be responsible for chapter formation in Region I, II, III.

      G. The Treasurer shall:

               6. Prepare and present the yearly budget at the annual Executive Board Meeting.

               7. File the annual IRS Tax Form 990, and CA State FTB Tax Form 199N on or

                   before the 15th day of the 5th month of the Calendar year.

                                                         ARTICLE VIII

                                                   GIFTS AND REQUESTS

Gifts and requests maybe received from members and friends of the Association. Such funds

are to be used for educational (research?) and scientific programs of the Association and are

not considered tax deductible.

                                                           ARTICLE X

                                                     PARLIAMENTARY AUTHORITY

SECTION 1 Parliamentary Procedure, Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, current edition,

shall be followed during all meetings of the association.

SECTION 2 Parliamentarian. A parliamentarian may be appointed by the President at any

meeting of the Association or the Executive Board.


Moved to create an administrative manual (Policy & Procedures of the Organization) which will

be presented and approved by the Executive Board on a yearly basis.

SECTION I Enumeration of the different funds.

               1. New Chapter Formation Fund

                        a. Seed Fund

                        b. Travel Fund

               2. National Executive Board Meeting Fund

               3. National Convention Fund

               4. Awards & Appreciation Fund

               5. Donation to Promote the Medical Laboratory Technology Profession Fund.

SECTION II Guidelines for the disbursement and use of these funds are covered in the

administrative manual.

WAYS & MEANS - By Vee Trinidad

      ➢ Raffle tickets, T-shirts and Souvenir Program, always make good money.

      ➢ Also from membership dues before the National Event.

      ➢ Vee Trinidad appoints as co-chair for the raffle ticket the following:

               1. Marian Castillo Northern Cal

               2. Yvonne Cortez Indiana

               3. Agnes Barba Southern Cal


BUDGET & FINANCE REPORT Reported by Virgie Gambon Quintin

      ➢ Received 5 bundles of Financial Book when took over the treasury which contain records

          from the year 2001 to present.

      ➢ As the new treasurer, it is my duty to go through the books and review what has been

          done in order to see what we can do to improve the Budget & Finance of our organization.

FINDINGS : PAMET-USA had at one time more than $67,000 in the bank. In 3 mos that amount

was down to approximately $22,000. In less than a year it plummeted down to approximately

$12,000. This means $55,000 was expended in less than a year.

      ➢ Majority wants an explanation on how that money was spent, that is acceptable to


      ➢ Needs further investigation of the book which is in Las Vegas.

      ➢ Form a special committee to audit the questionable convention & will be part of the

          agenda in the next National Convention 2016.

WEBSITE Another 2 years to use our website.


      ➢ Moved and seconded that PAMET-USA will initiate of collaborating with the ASCP and

          other professional organization.

      ➢ Let Negado will email the duties and responsibilities of the elected auditor.


      ➢ To elect a Resident Agent which is responsible of filing information of the Corporation;

          should be a Permanent Resident Agent.

      ➢ Virgie Gambon Quintin was voted to be the resident agent.

      ➢ Shirley Cruzada bid to host the next National Convention 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

          She presented the plan.

      ➢ It was moved and seconded, and voted upon that Nevada to be the host of the 2016

          National Convention.

      ❖ We had a recess @ 5:00 PM to attend the Chuck Wagon Dinner Show.

         Resumed the meeting after the Dinner show at about 6:24 PM.


Minutes prepared by Vashti Rivera, recording secretary.

Meeting Minutes:

PAMET – USA, Inc.  (14th Biennial National Convention)



September 26, 2014



Grand Pacific Extension,  Norwegian Cruise Ship (Canada/New England Cruise)

  1. Meeting was called to order @ 9:40pm by Art Trinidad, President.
  2. Invocation by Annie Villareal
  3. Welcome address by Rex Famitangco
  4. Roll was called by Vashti Rivera, and quorum was established.


Attendees Present:

33 attendees, and also acknowledged the presence of the newly elected officers of the executive board. The body welcomes the following:

  1. President Elect – Shirley Cruzada – Nevada
  2. 1st VP – Rex Famitangco – Nebraska
  3. 2nd VP – Evangeline Robles – New York
  4. 3rd VP – Myrna De Jesus – Southern California
  5. Recording Secretary – Vashti Rivera – Southern California
  6. Correspondence – Agnes Barba – Southern California
  7. Treasurer – Virginia Quintin – Nevada
  8. Asst Treasurer – Corazon Sopena – Midwest
  9. Business Mgr -  Ampy Gallardo – Michigan
  10. PRO – Let Negado – San Diego
  11. Executive Boards:

Vee Trinidad –  Southern California

Ampy Yu Tiongson – New Jersey

Marian Castillo – Northern California

Marionette Cortez – Indiana

Aida Ramos – New York


Review of Previous Minutes:

  1. Reading of minutes from last National Executive meeting in Chicago, by Evangeline Robles.
  1. Announced  2 new PAMET Chapters namely, Massachusetts and North Dakota.  Welcome!!..
  2. 75 delegates attended. It was a success and everybody enjoyed.


Treasurer’s Report:

  1. All chapters paid for the year 2014.  Nebraska and Nevada paid in advance.
  2. Current balance as of July 31, 2014 = $8,515.13 submitted by Offie Corpus


Auditor’s Report:

No audit was executed as Let Negado is still waiting for the receipts from the treasurer.


Regional Membership Report:

  1. Region I  (by Shirley Cruzada)  - No new members recruited
  2. Region II (by Evelyn Ramirez) – Still in the process of recruiting Montana
  3. Region III (by Tom Rivada) – No new members recruited


Chapter Activity Report:

Northern California – Surpassed yearly 4 CE seminars; Celebrated 25th Anniversary.

Southern California - 2 review classes for 2013 (Feb-May, Jul-Sep 2013); Continuing education for 6 units; Donated $1,000.00 to Typhoon Haiyan thru ARC.; Thanksgiving dance, and Cowboy Dance to support our chapter activities.

Nevada – Monthly meeting held every 2nd Saturday of the month.

2013- made donations to the following: Gawad Kalinga, PAMET New Jersey that were affected by Hurricane Sandy, PAMET Davao Chapter for the victims of typhoon Pablo, PAMET Phils for CE program, Flip flops project of Ricky Martinez, Boholanos Association in Las vegas (held their annual picnic in 10/19/13, and Christmas party on 12/8/13).

                             2014- Induction of 2014-2015 set of officers.

              CE seminars at the College of Southern NV, Charleston Campus on 8/23/14.

Indiana2013 Spring and Fall CE seminars; Chapter induction on 11/8/14.

Michigan 2013 Induction of officers; Recruited 3 new members; Donated $1000.00 to Typhoon Haiyan victims.

Nebraska – Inducted 2 new members; organized a Health fair.

New York - Fundraising for Typhoon Yolanda; On-going Scholarship; Medical mission in Albay Camarines Sur;  30th Anniversary on 11/9/14.

Texas – CE Seminar in 2013-2014; Fundraising; Started Website and Facebook; Attended Health Fair sponsored by Lions Club.


Constitution and By-laws:

Article V - Meetings, Quorum and Special Meeting


(The following Section needs a Motion to Vote for amendments):

Section 1.  Meetings

I.  Association Meetings

B. Notice of the general membership meeting will be sent to each chapter by email, including website and social media announcement at least six (6) months prior to the meeting.

II. Executive Board

C. Notices of all meetings of the Executive Board and Chapter presidents will be sent to the aforementioned members by email, including website and social media announcement at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting.

D. A quorum for Association meetings and any special meetings shall consist of 50% plus 1 of the elected officers of the Executive Board and 50% plus 1 of the active paying local Chapter Presidents (non-elected, as noted by the Treasurer).


Note:  3 Amendments should be proposed during the next Executive meeting and will be approved during the National Convention.

Education, Scholarship, & Research:

  1. 2014 Report of the Committee on Continuing Education,

Submitted by Shirley Cruzada, Chairperson.

PAMET USA, Inc. was granted Provider Status # 290 and California Accrediting Agency # 0001 by the Professional Acknowledgement for Continuing Education, American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (PACE – ASCLS) in July 2013. From August 31, 2013 to the present date, 21 seminars were held by the following chapters using our provider status:


  1. 3 seminars during the Executive Board Meeting in Chicago, August 31,2013.
  2. 6 seminars during the 14th Biennial National Convention on, Sept 20-27.
  3. 4 seminars (two each for 2013 and 2014).

                             PAMET SD:

  1. 4 seminars for 2014

                            PAMET NV:           

  1. 4 seminars (two on May 17th and another two on August 23rd).


Note:  Hopefully, more chapters will avail of our provider status in the coming months/years.



Raffle Tickets Report:

  1. Total sales $6,277.00
  1. Raffle Winners:

1st Prize $1,000.00  - Jacob Ascano - Michigan

2nd Prize $500.00 – Felipe dela Garza - Texas

3rd Prize $250.00 – AC Rivas - So Cal


Consolation Prize: $50.00 each:

Negado E – San Diego?

Nomel Baradi  - Nor Cal

Zita Lopez – New Jersey

Mila Famitangco – Nebraska

Elizabeth Eltark – Michigan



Special Liaison to the Philippines:

Ellen Garcia

Ricky Martinez

Aida Maguigad


Note:  A special invitation is extended to everybody in celebrating the PAMET Philippine’s 50th Anniversary on November 30, 2014.   A mass will be observed @1pm in Manila Hotel, followed by a Motorcade.

In addition, an Annual Convention will also be held on Dec 1-3, 2014 at PICC.


Next Meeting:

Venue of the next Executing Meeting will be held in Hill City, South Dakota on August 14-16, 2015.

It will be hosted by PAMET USA Nebraska & North Dakota.

Theme (to be announced).


Meeting Adjourned:

The meeting was officially adjourned at 11:45 p.m.


Minutes submitted by Vashti Rivera, recording secretary.