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Today is the start of the 2018 National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (April 22nd to the 28th), join us in celebrating this very important week which provides our profession a unique opportunity to increase public awareness, understanding and appreciation of what we do.

We would like to request our national officers, chapters presidents and our valued members to answer the question “What is your favorite laboratory analyzer/equipment and how does it contribute to patient care?” Once you have written down your answer, take a selfie with your favorite analyzer and share your answer, selfie at our facebook page or replying to this post using hashtag #pametusalabweek18.

Copy and paste the links to your FB browswer to see:

Maria Caren Ayad Daligdig‎ - Pamet New York Chapter

Yvonne Agatep-cortez - Pamet Indiana Chapter

Rex Famitangco Pamet - Nebraska Chapter

Fergielynd Angeles Andres - Pamet Nebraska Chapter


Agnes Gonzaga Pamet - Nebraska Chapter Sajulla

Christine Ting Carrido - Pamet Nebraska Chapter

Siegefred Pue - Pamet Nebraska Chapter

Rowena Boots - Pamet Nebraska Chapter

Christian Dave Comaling - Pamet Nebraska Chapter




Mission Statement: "We are the Laboratory Professionals: Working Together to Make a Difference"