Philippine Association of Medical Technologists - USA, Inc.


Good afternoon to my dear officers, members, guests, and friends.

It is a privilege to be with you today in this magnificent setting. I appreciate you for being a part of this iconic and historic first-time virtual convention.

To all the unsung heroes working in the laboratory - thank you for your diligence, dedication, and hard work. Your contributions are highly appreciated. You are all in our prayers, hearts, and minds.

To our immediate past president Rex Famitangco, our Golden Boy! Your leadership and excellent contributions to the organization are highly commendable. Something that we will always remember. Following your footsteps, I'm prepared to roll up my sleeves, tackle the work, and live to the high standard you set up for this organization.

To all the past presidents, your devotions and dedication to this organization is a living legacy. Each of you is my guiding light to give me strength and energy to continue and lead this organization with honor and dignity.

To our Philippine delegation headed by PAMET PHILIPPINES President Ronnie Puno, Ricky Martinez, Ellen Garcia, Leila Florento, and all the delegates,

PASMETH President Dean Bernard Ebuen, and to all the Deans of School of Medical Technology, I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for your magnitude of attendance. I look forward to continuing the spirit of friendship and future meetings.

A very special thank you to my campaign manager, best friend, adviser, and mentor, Liz Dequinia. A fellow officer who leads by example and cares for PAMET very much just like me. To my ever devoted and hard-working fellow officers, past presidents Letty Acosta, Andy Martin, Mila Braganza, Jill Mendoza, Jun Nepacena, Jela Ibarra, and to all past and present officers and members, thank you for believing in me.

I have a very personal story to share with you that brought me to the thoughts of becoming a PAMET Officer. In the early ’70s, a group of Filipino licensed medical technologists in San Francisco and the Bay Area formed an association called FMTA, Filipino Medical Technologists of America. I wanted to honor and thank Lucio Raymundo, the president, when I joined the FMTA. I was extremely impressed and inspired by their noble goal to help unlicensed Filipino medical technologists pass the California board exam.

There’s one person that I highly and will always remember. It’s no other than the late Nonie Briones who became the first president of our chapter and the second president of PAMET USA. I want to acknowledge her as a great leader, educator, mentor, organizer, a great friend, and a dedicated advocate of providing services to most of us. She is one person who mentored me to be a person of who I am today.

Nonie and I worked hand in hand to revive the defunct FMTA. We traveled from San Jose to Sacramento through our grassroots campaign of membership expansions. We successfully established a great beginning and expanded our membership.

We realized then that there is a purpose for all this hard work when the following year, we proudly became the 5th chapter of PAMET USA, the Northern California chapter. We both worked together in organizing the formation of PAMET Southern California as well.

We continue to strive in pursuing the unification of all Filipino medical technologists nationwide. Today, I can proudly say that the mission I envisioned when I just joined FMTA became a reality.

We have been very successful in helping thousands of unlicensed medical technologists get their licenses. We were the driving force in assisting them in building their careers, from being a simple bench tech to holding managerial positions. They were able to fulfill the American dream of providing to their families and become professionally and financially successful.

As I recollect my college memories, initially, I didn't know what it meant to study Bachelor of Science in Medical technology. As an average student, I struggled through all my college years. I was kicked out at FEU during my proper ship because I failed all my subjects.

I was a happy go lucky guy enjoying my bachelor days - cutting classes, going to the movies, and dating girls. To save my face from embarrassment and punishment from my family and friends, I begged our dean to give me a second chance and made promises to improve. Everything is a life lesson learned, so I let go of the past and accept accountability and focus on overcoming the obstacles. Every difficult moment in our lives gives you an opportunity for personal growth, which means something better is out there waiting. The end product, I met my precious, loving, caring, understanding, and supportive wife, Eloisa. I'm very blessed to have four handsome sons and three loving grandchildren. Eloisa and I are both retired CLS's - content and satisfied with our new life.

As a PAMET officer for more than 30 years, my intent is pure and simple - to promote and spread the words about our organization’s goals and objectives! It is with a deep passion that runs through my blood to talk about PAMET wherever I am and wherever I go. Although, sometimes, I’m often misunderstood for my words and actions.

I’m not a politician. I’m just a plain average guy with a simple purpose in life- that is, to be a contributor, a messenger, a giver, and a kind-hearted person willing to help.

As a CLS Generalist working in different hospitals, working 2-3 jobs, I built a lasting friendly relationship with people; that’s why friendship is very important and significant to me. I don’t harbor any ill feelings towards anyone, whatever the past maybe. Being true to myself, and willing to accept any criticism, I am more than prepared to move forward.

Through constant follow up with friends and colleagues, I was able to help in the founding and formation of the PAMET Sacramento chapter in 2010, and a few years ago, the revival of PAMET FLORIDA and PAMET GEORGIA.

I am currently working on the revival of PAMET HAWAII and hopefully, the formation of PAMET NEW MEXICO chapter.

My goals during my term are the following:

a) Membership Recruitment, very important.

b) Chapter formations, and revival of older chapters.

c) Sharing Job opportunities and job placement information for our US and Philippine colleagues.

d) To continue offering CE seminars, Medical Missions and Charitable donations in the Philippines.

e) Offer Scholarships Assistance in Research for qualified candidates.

f) To form and build a PAMET-USA, Inc. Membership data base and ID cards for all members.

As the newly inducted president, I am deeply honored to be allowed to serve in this capacity. You all have my sincere assurance that I will commit to our organization's cause with a proud past and exciting future.

I pledge that I will honor the legacy by sustaining and building the excellent work done in many years of service by our past leaders. We can only keep moving forward as we face all the challenges ahead of us.

I only have one slogan: to serve and make a difference - providing the necessary services to our profession, members, and the community.

In closing, you have seen by now that this is not a typical convention, not a regular election, and not a normal induction. I am a history in the making for the following reasons:

* I am the only president who was nominated three times for president-elect. 

* I am the only president inducted in my own home and living room; I am the only president who did not have a face to face convention but a Virtual one with many participants. 

* I am proud to be the fifth president of PAMET-USA, who comes from PAMET Northern California chapter.

So, my beloved colleagues, let’s end the convention with my first general membership meeting, awards and raffle winners and the best to come -karaoke night.

My best regards to all, seize and enjoy each moment whatever it brings! God bless us all!!!