Philippine Association of Medical Technologists - USA, Inc.




PAMET- USA, Inc.  Incoming President for  2016 – 2018

August 6, 2016

Palace Station Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV


Good evening to you all!  Thank you for your presence tonight.  Special thanks to my family and loved ones for being here in full force to show me their love and support.

It is with humility that I accept this great responsibility of leading our association for the next two years!  Thank you for your trust.

As your leader,  I would want us to concentrate more on three of our existing programs:

  1. 1.       Continuing Education
  2. 2.       Membership Recruitment and Retention
  3. 3.       Maintaining Relevance in the Global Community thru Networking

Let me go back to Program #1 on Continuing Education:

It has been said that the 21st century illiterate is no longer one who cannot read and write but one who no longer carries the capacity to learn, unlearn, and relearn.  In this time of globalization, we really need to be aware of the recent innovations and technological development in our profession as medical technologists (MTs) or clinical laboratory scientists (CLSs).  The successful MT or CLS is one who is capable of multi-tasking.  He should be able to learn additional skills and crafts as he seeks to master those skills that he already knows.  God’s Little Devotional Book for Leaders gives a wise and timely reminder, and I quote:

“No skills you learn will ever get lost to you, or prove to be of little use. 

If nothing more, the learning of new information and new skills builds up

confidence and exercises the mind.  One of the secrets of great leaders

is continuing education.  Never stop learning!

 This is what gives you an edge over the competition.” End of quote.

I am just excited that President-Elect Rex Famitangco who will handle the Committee of Education, Scholarship, and Research is already talking about Webinars in order to reach out to more members nation-wide. In fact, he has already set up the first webinar to take place on October 29, 2016 with me as the first speaker.  My topic will be on Hemostasis or Blood Coagulation.


Program #2 is Membership Recruitment and Retention:

Our association’s membership is fast dwindling because of the retirement of those belonging to the baby boomers generation (those born worldwide between 1946 and 1964).  Most of these baby boomers have found a more exciting and rewarding profession and that is:  taking care of grandkids!  In the Philippines, a grandkid is called “apo”.  So these baby boomer colleagues are now busy reporting to their “apocina” to do “apostolic” work and they are enjoying every minute of it!  Therefore, as an association with fast dwindling membership what are we going to do in order to recruit and motivate new members?  What are we going to do to establish more chapters and revive the inactive ones?  We need more members!  We need to train young members to take over the leadership of our association in the near future.  I encourage all chapter presidents to beef up your membership recruitment and for the three elected Vice Presidents, Dan Dominguez of Northern California, Vangie Robles of New York, and Lavinia Mateo of Michigan to actively look into the setting up of new chapters and the revival of the inactive chapters under your respective jurisdictions.  I am just so happy that our baby chapters, Nebraska and North Dakota are doing very well.  They co-hosted last year’s 15th Executive Board Meeting in beautiful South Dakota and are actively involved in our convention this year.

I think it will help our membership recruitment program if we become more visible on media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. so that people will get to know more about us and what our association can provide in terms of benefits.  We have an awesome website, which is efficiently maintained by 2nd VP Vangie Robles of NY Chapter but our website is not visited as often as we visit Facebook.  We are going to post PAMET happenings on the PAMET USA FB account created by Vangie in order to reach out to more members and non-members.  I encourage the chapter presidents  to put up your chapter FB account in case you have not done it yet.  I will be communicating routinely with you all through email and  FB and everybody is most welcome to react.  If there are job openings in your area please post them on FB for people to see.

One idea I have in mind to attract more members is for PAMET USA to put up an  Online Review for AMT and ASCP Certifying Exams.  As of now, only Northern California and Southern California Chapters conduct review classes on a regular basis and that is one reason, I believe for their large membership.  They are able to offer their services even before the person becomes their member! This review class offers one answer to the question “What can I get from PAMET?”  So I thought that if PAMET USA can offer this online review to chapters that do not have a review program, then they may be able to attract or motivate young medical technologists to join them.  I will be working closely with the Committee on Education, Scholarship, and Research headed by President-Elect Rex Famitangco on the mechanics of this online review.

Program #3 is Maintaining our Relevance in the Global Community through Networking:

It is not good for our association to be isolated.  We need to be a visible and relevant association through collaborative projects with established associations like ASCP, PAMET Phils., and PASMETH.  That’s why our convention theme “Unfolding Opportunities through Networking” is just timely.  For the record, PAMET USA’s initial talks on collaboration with ASCP was arranged by Rex Famitangco and it took place during the 14th Executive Board Meeting in Chicago in 2013 under the presidency of Evelyn Ramirez.  It continued during the presidency of Art Trinidad (2014 – 2016).   We are hoping for the formulation of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between PAMET USA, Inc. and ASCP soon.  At this juncture, I would like to thank and acknowledge the presence of Ms Jennifer Young who is ASCP’s Director for International Operations.  She has been with us since the initial talks in Chicago and up to this afternoon’s meeting.  We will also continue doing  collaborative projects with PAMET Phils. through President Ronnie Puno  as well as with PASMETH (Philippine Association of Schools of Medical Technology and Hygiene) President, Dean Bernard Ebuen who is with us this evening.   We have already discussed some projects that we can work on together.

We have lots of work to do ahead of us but I am sure that with the set of officers that we have and with everybody’s help and cooperation we will accomplish the programs that I have presented to you tonight.

Thank you and please enjoy the rest of the evening!

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