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Open two (2) positions for Histotech in Palmdale.

LabMinds Staffing and Recruiting

personnel international.png

Rolla, North Dakota, USA


adventist health.jpg

Adventist Health Bakersfield - ©2023
2615 Chester Avenue, Bakersfield, CA 93301

Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 2.43.12 PM.png

Diagnostic Laboratory Services, Inc. (DLS), Hawaii 

Call Main Line: 808-589-5100

Or Email Ms. Michele McConnell at

Regional Medical Laboratory Scientist (RMLS)

Manage and support Laboratory Operations at US Embassies and consulates all around the world.

Visit; Email:

Email:; Call: 213-408-6304

US AirForce Health Professionals

3020 Children;s Way, San Diego, CA 92123

Anthony R. Pimentel, BS, CLS


Email:; Call 858-966.1700 x 221921

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