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35 years ago, a group of 4 hopeful individuals got together with the sole purpose of serving Filipino Medical lab professionals in the United States. Namely, Gloria Comorposa (NY/HI), Mila Sumilang (NJ), Susan Lora-Thueson (OR), Luz Abad-Harper (TX). Through the initiative and the passion of Ms. Aida Aglipay Maguigad (IL), PAMET-USA, Inc. was born as a national organization and was incorporated in 1988.


History was made and fast forward, PAMET-USA, Inc. now has 22 chapters across the nation and is continuously growing. This will not be possible without the commitment and enthusiasm of all our esteemed leaders all through these years.

PAMET-USA, Inc’s purpose has expanded to advocacies far beyond membership and camaraderie. We have collaborated with well-known medical lab professional organizations and agencies; we have started to establish our name within the network of Medical Lab experts and have gained recognition and respect from other Healthcare organizations.

The legendary Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit is an aircraft made by stealth advanced technology, flown only by the most elite pilots. It is now more advanced than ever and forms the backbone of the Air Force strike. Just like PAMET-USA, Inc., the legendary Filipino organization of Medical Lab Professionals, that started in  its humble beginnings 35 years ago, has now advanced into the field of clinical laboratory organizations. Lead by the most elite leaders in the professions, and is now forming to be the backbone of the Filipino-American Medical Laboratory Professionals here in the USA.

Please enjoy and watch our 35th Founding Anniversary Video.

Credits to:

Script & Photos: Rex Famitangco & Rowena Pablico

Voice over: Rowena Pablico & Apollo Olaes IV

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